Pitch walked around his globe, eager to get to work on his nightly rounds of visiting all the sleeping children of the world. Although, the ones that weren’t asleep were sometimes the most fun. He enjoyed watching the fear settle in their eyes as he emerged from the shadows, ready to unleash his nightmares upon them. It wasn’t until he saw all the lights flickering in the town of Burgess did his anger return to him. There were many believers in that town, but one stood out amongst the rest. Jamie Bennett wasn’t a young boy anymore; he was in his teens and he still managed to hold on to his belief in the Guardians. Especially Jack Frost. Pitch didn’t know if Bennett would ever stop believing in the Guardians. Jack, according to Jamie, would often visit him to see how he was doing and to have some of their usual ‘fun’.
Pitch slammed the side of his fist on the globe. He hated that Jamie’s belief was so strong and wanted nothing more than to get rid of it, if not weaken it. But Pitch’s nightmares never seemed to work. Or at least have long-term affects. And then there was Jack. He seemed to think he and Pitch were becoming friends of some sort. Pitch didn’t like the thought of it. He tried to be friends with Jack once and he refused. Now Jack had the nerve to come to Pitch and joke around with him whenever he saw him walking about, throwing snowballs and whizzing around him with his annoying laugh. Jack seemed to have forgotten who it was he was joking around with. Then, Pitch had an idea. Perhaps he was being too gentle on both Jamie and Jack. It would almost be midnight in Burgess, and Pitch knew that if Jamie was home, he would be in his room, either watching tv, on his laptop, or sleeping; it didn’t matter. He chuckled as he walked through the shadows, appearing right outside Bennett’s home in Burgess, a light barely coming through the window of Jamie’s bedroom.
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